"Revolutionary" Way of Life

I currently purchased The Princess Saves Herself in this One  by Amanda Lovelace. It is a poetry collection of her story divided into four parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. I am actually a huge fan of these types of books and it is kind of similar to another poetry collection, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. What I find interesting about these books is that the authors tell about their stories and life experiences and some of them I can relate to.

One of the quotes I found interesting is in the chapter, you, is...

"a world where all 
human beings 
are taken care of 
shouldn't be called
a "revolutionary" way of life 
& yet it is.
- burn "

- Amanda Lovelace (The Princess Saves Herself in this One, pg 169)

I think this quote actually can be perceived as a personal and relatable quote. I know there are many ways to interpret this quote, but this is just one way I viewed it. I also think it's something everyone can understand and hopefully see the wrong in this quote. A world where all humans are loved and treated right shouldn't be considered a "revolutionary" way of life, instead our world should be like this everyday. Everybody should be treated equal and fair. Hate is so common in our society. It's like a plague. We all want to push others down to make us feel better about ourselves or look better than others. We point out others flaws and strive to meet society's expectations. I feel like girls really have a hard time right now because we want to have that "perfect" glow, "perfect" eyebrows, and the "perfect" body. We constantly take a bashing from stupid high school boys, social media, and sadly other girls.  Now this is just one example of what our society is driven by. We live off of expectations and if you don't meet that expectation of "perfect" than you are treated different and judged. This is so wrong. Nobody should feel like they aren't good enough and people should definitely not be thinking they are higher than others.  Every single person deserves the same amount of love and respect and I'm hoping one day people will wake up and realize the wrong, because it's right here in front of us and this quote should wake us up to that.


  1. I really like how you expressed your opinion on the world and our society based on your book. I liked Reading your insight on the book/quote and your positive outlook on life:)

  2. i love this quote and your connection too it, I feel as though it is a relatable quote. I also love how you made sure people understand the way you perceived this quote.


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